Do you have questions and are you looking for the answers? You may have questions to which you have not found the answer on our website. In that case, you can submit your question using the form below.You cannot ask legal questions via e-mail, because we would like to advise you in a personal conversation..

This is also because we often need more information or need to read letters and / or contracts. That is not suitable for advice by e-mail. For advice and legal questions, please visit “consultation hours”. Click here for information about the times and locations..

Do you want flyers from us to distribute? Do you have questions if you cannot contact us with a particular problem? Or do you perhaps have an administrative question? Then you can use the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Do you have a complaint? Although we always try to give the best possible advice, you may not be satisfied with the advice we have given. Or maybe you think that one of our volunteers has not spoken to you reasonably or you feel discriminated against by us. We don’t want to hide from that. We assume that this will not happen, but if it has happened, we want to deal with you honestly and openly. So if you think we did not do that, you can file a complaint. We will take that complaint very seriously. Click here for more information about our complaints procedure. Would you like to send us a letter? Sometimes sending an email is not always practical. You can then choose to drop off a letter at one of our office hours or send it to the address below:
Stichting Wetswinkel Almere
‘s-Hertogenboschplein 8
1324 WB Almere.