Terms and conditions Stichting Wetswinkel Almere


The following stipulations are an informative translation, in case of dispute only the Dutch text is authentic.

It is good to know that our General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) apply during our office hours. The GTC also apply to any other work that we do for you, such as debt counseling..

The GTC contains the rules that we will adhere to in our contacts with you. We also expect you to comply with those rules, insofar as they apply to you. This way we both know where we stand and what we can expect from each other. .

For example, the GTC states when we may refuse help to you and why. We also indicate when we are or are not liable for the advice we give and our actions. We want this to be clear to you and you know we will be open and honest. As a volunteer organization, however, we do not have the resources to guarantee everything. .

Article 1: Applicability
These general terms and conditions apply to anyone who appeals to the services of Stichting Wetswinkel Almere. .

Article 2: Purpose
Stichting Wetswinkel Almere, established in Almere, is a foundation established under Dutch law, the aim of which is to provide (social) legal advice free of charge. This service is provided by lawyers, who may be assisted by students at law faculties and debt counselors on a voluntary basis. .

Article 3: Consultation hours
Stichting Wetswinkel Almere works with open consultation hours and when necessary or desired on the basis of an appointment. Agreements can be refused in special circumstances at the discretion of Stichting Wetswinkel Almere. .

Article 4: Information
a. At the start of the intake interview, the client will be asked, if necessary or desired, to provide the name and place of residence. These data only serve as statistics, which figures are used in applications for subsidy (municipality of Almere), unless the client has to be accompanied for a long time at his request.
b. To provide appropriate advice, you must provide the relevant data and information upon request. If possible, you should provide the necessary information / documents as soon as possible. Stichting Wetswinkel Almere will handle the data you provide with the utmost care and confidentiality.
c. Your file can be used for internal evaluation and discussion. Your file can also serve as a basis for, for example, an article. This will be done completely anonymously at all times.
d. If necessary, your file will be kept in our archive afterwards, in accordance with legal requirements.
e. Data is not provided to third parties without the express permission of the client or legal regulations. If allowed, the Stichting Wetswinkel Almere will inform the client if the Stichting Wetswinkel Almere is legally obliged to provide data to third parties. .

Article 5: Permission required
a. The client is requested to sign his or her signature for approval with these general terms and conditions. In case of refusal to provide the aforementioned data, the client will be denied any form of help.
b. The Stichting Wetswinkel Almere aims to provide free (social) legal advice. If costs are incurred during the development of a case, the express permission of the client is required in advance. The costs will be charged to the client after agreement. .

Article 6: Advice
Stichting Wetswinkel Almere strives to give advice during office hours. If this is not possible, a (written / telephone / oral) advice will follow later, only at the discretion of Stichting Wetswinkel Almere. The client should be aware that the information and advice is provided by students and lawyers who work on a voluntary basis. The visitor may not simply rely on the correctness of the information and advice given by the Volunteer. .

Article 7: Refusal of aid
a. Stichting Wetswinkel Almere is not obliged to handle a case, whether or not in parts, from the client.
b. Any form of aggression towards the Volunteers is not accepted. In any form of aggression, (A) any form of assistance may be withheld, (B) reported to the police and (C) other appropriate measures may be taken if necessary. .

Article 8: Liability
Volunteers of the Stichting Wetswinkel Almere are not personally bound or liable. Any liability arising from or in connection with the performance of the work – including factually or legally incorrect or delayed advice – is excluded. The limitation or exclusion of liability referred to in this article does not apply insofar as there is damage that is the direct result of a deliberate reckless or deliberate shortcoming.
Stichting Wetswinkel Almere is not liable for damage in connection with the use of its website / Facebook / media and the information thereon or the inability to use the website / Facebook / media and the information thereon. Any liability of Stichting Wetswinkel Almere is limited to those cases for which its insurance provides cover and to a maximum of those amounts for which its insurance makes a payment in the case in question. .

Article 9: Complaints procedure
Complaints can first be discussed with the Volunteer (s) involved. In the unlikely event that a suitable solution is not found, you can address your complaint to the secretary of the Stichting Wetswinkel Almere in accordance with the Stichting Wetswinkel Almere complaints procedure. .

Article 10: Change
Stichting Wetswinkel Almere has the right to unilaterally change one or more clauses of these general terms and conditions. If a provision of these general terms and conditions proves to be void or voidable, this will not affect the validity of these general terms and conditions at all.

You can download our terms and conditions here .